Resonancias av Rafi Martin/Julika Mayer - premiere i Stuttgart!

Et dypt, mørkt hull omgitt av sand og saltkrystaller - Klikk for stort bildeResonancias av Rafi Martin/Julika Mayer




En co-produksjon med Figurteatret i Nordland, produsert i Stamsund i januar 2023. 
Premiere fredag 3. februar i Projektraum Wagenhalle e.V.s som en del av Imaginale - Internationales Theaterfestival animierter Formen !


Om forestillingen:
"Silence of the night, silence of time. Tectonic expansion, crackling, cracking salt."

According to the Chilean meteorologist Millarca Valenzuela, finding a meteorite means entering into a state of resonance. For Rafi Martin and Julika Mayer, this analogy opens the door to an internal, sensitive and sensory space: the desert and the stones tell of things beyond. Of crossing borders. Of changes in orbit, of the disappearance of matter.

Inspired by recent publications on the philosophy of science, the team tries to transcend the opposition of nature and culture at the level of experience. »In our relationship with geology, we seek a sense of belonging to a common family: life. With ‚Resonancias‘ we want to ask ourselves and the audience to once again become attentive to the world around us, to respect and appreciate it. If we don’t, we shall lose it.«

Concept, Production, Field work, Performer: Rafi Martin | Concept, Field work, Director: Julika Mayer | Light: Joachim Fleischer | Sound Lundja Medjoub | Field recording: Fernando Munizaga| Double and Coatching Aikido: Léa Duchmann