SiT24: PINOCCHIO (LIVE)#3 av Alice Laloy, Compagnie s’appelle reviens

Barn utkledd som Pinocchio - Klikk for stort bildePinocchio (live) #3 Cristophe Raynaud de Lage


Figurteatrets program under Stamsund Teaterfestival 2024

PINOCCHIO (LIVE)#3 av Alice Laloy, Compagnie s’appelle reviens
31.5 kl 20:00 Frysa-Hurtigrutekaia - billetter
1.6 kl 17:00 Frysa-Hurtigrutekaia -- billetter


Pinocchio (live) #3 is a performance with 22 performers on stage, including children, young adults, and 2 teenage percussionists. 

Pinocchio (live) #3 is inspired by the myth of Pinocchio, but the idea here is not to give the illusion of life to an inanimate form. Merely the opposite, a reversal of the story. In a workshop that looks a lot like an assembly line, like a rite of passage, the adult performers transform the children into puppets, before the children themself re-appropriate their body through dance movement. The universe is dystopian. And the experience is fascinating. 

Designed and directed by: Alice Laloy 
Featuring: Alice Amalbert, Mathilde Augustak, Matthias Beaudoin, Étienne Caloone, Ashille Constantin, Roxane Coursault, Robinson Courtois, Nina Fabiani, Léon Leckler, Valentina Papic Children : Charlotte Adriaen, Nohe Berafta, Louna Berafta, Éloi Gonsse-Martinache, Juliette Martinez, Mila Ryckebusch Vandaéle, Romane Sand, Elya Tilliez, Eléna Vermersch, Guilio Risaceo, Iness Wilmotte 
Accompanied by young percussionists: Hector Yvrard, Mathis Rebiaï 
Sound composition: Éric Recordier 
Choreography: Cécile Laloy, assisted by Stéphanie Chêne 
Set design: Jane Joyet 
Costumes: Oria Steenkiste, Cathy Launois and MayaLune Thieblemont 
Accessories: Benjamin Hautin, Maya Lune Thieblemont, Antonin Bouvret 
Lighting design: Julienne Rochereau 
Stage manager: Sylvain Liagre 
Sound and lighting control: Éric Recordier 
Workbench construction: Atelier de construction du Théâtre National Populaire 
Production: Cie s’Appelle Reviens 
Support: La Fondation d’entreprise Hermès Coproduction: Points Communs, Nouvelle scène nationale de Cergy Pontoise et du Val d’Oise / Bateau Feu, Scène nationale de Dunkerque / Théâtre de l’Union, Centre dramatique national à Limoges / Le Trident, Scène nationale de Cherbourg-en Cotentin / La Comédie de Clermont, Scène nationale à Clermont-Ferrand Subsidies: DRAC Hauts-de-France/ Région Hauts-de-France / Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque / with the support of the Département du Nord / Ville de Dunkerque. 

These performances are held with the support of Institut Français.