LOGO: Information and download


When marketing, crediting and in interviews related to the project, the co-producers are obligated to make sure that Nordland Visual Theatre (NVT)/Figurteatret i Nordland (FiN) is given credit as a co-producer of the performance. This goes for the headings in press kits, posters, programs, presentations on printed material and on the web, in sales materials, in festival programs and all such materials for customers, theatres and audiences.

On all presentations of the performance NVT’s name must be included with the same size and together with the other co-producer’s, like in this example:

Presented by "Company/group name"

co-produced with Nordland Visual Theatre.

In all PR material, including the co-producer’s logos, NVT s logo must be included:




* Download NVT logo as PDF here (PDF, 201 kB)

* Download NVTs logo as AI here (AI, 188 kB)


In the list of financial supporters, in the program folders and on posters, NVTs County Council (Nordland Fylkeskommune) logo must be included alongside with NVT's logo. Access to the logos, in different languages and formats here.